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Addiction does not discriminate. It is a devastating and destructive disease  that erodes all of the things that make you wonderful. It leaves behind a person who is unrecognizable to those who love you the most. It is one of the most challenging illnesses to treat and some of the least researched/funded areas of healthcare.

Addiction affects not only the individual but often the family.  Family members often wait until it is too late hoping that their loved one will "choose" treatment or love over drugs or maybe wait until "rock bottom" to intervene. Please understand this is not necessary or recommended.

There is hope in recovery. The key is getting into the best and most appropriate treatment. This can be difficult to navigate even for those willing to get help.

I am extensively trained in everything from interventions to treatment. This illness is so serious and  destructive that I am always willing to help families and patients get linked to the appropriate referral treatment anywhere in the country. I have personally worked with and visited dozens of treatment centers around the country and have professional relationships with many providers and am  always willing to share these connections with other professionals, families, and patients to provide the best options.

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